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Use of Gantt

ITM Platform uses two formats for task creation and management: the Gantt diagram and the task list.

The Gantt diagram presents a graphical representation of tasks over the course of a timescale. It can be used to present a schedule or perform monitoring.

Select the project 1 where you wish to create the task. In the Schedule 2 section, add or delete tasks 3:

Figure 14. Gantt diagram

This interface can be used to modify the dates and duration of tasks and perform basic test administration by adding, deleting or moving them within the diagram using the drag and drop functions.

You can also established dependency relationships between tasks by dragging and dropping with the mouse on the Gantt diagram.

Clicking on the maximize icon will provide a full-screen view allowing you to work more comfortably. Once all the changes have been made, click on the "Save" button to record your modifications.

If you need greater details of each task, click on the identifier to access the full datasheet.